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November 28, 2012 by rosaf15

As I reflect back on the years before I entered college, I remember thinking how blessed and privileged I would be if I ever got the opportunity to graduate from high school and attended college. I thought the concept of attending college and earning a degree were things only rich and highly intelligent people could accomplish. But now that I have graduated from high school and I am in the process of almost completing my first semester at Georgia State University, I feel extremely proud of myself.

As soon as I graduated from high school my mind was invaded by negative thoughts about college. My thoughts caused me to become extremely worried, nervous, and stressed about entering college. And all I could think about was not being able to do well in my classes and not being able to make new friends. As I reflect back I am thankful that I was worried and concerned about my performance in college because those thoughts only made me work harder for my ambitions. Completing my first semester of college will prove to me that I am capable of accomplishing what I once thought would be impossible.

My first semester of college has also brought me many surprises that I was not expecting. First, I thought I was not going to be able to have any time what so ever to do anything else but my school work and of course this was not the case. I’m surprised but thankful that I got to meet so many awesome people that have accepted me for who I am. Second, I was not expecting the work load to be smaller than in high school and I also was not expecting for the work to count so much towards my grades. This was really frustrating to me, I felt pressured to doing the best possible job because I knew a low grade would tremendously affect my grade. Despite the surprises my first semester had in hold for me, I feel that I have become a more responsible and thoughtful person.

During this semester, I have learned a lot about myself. The activities I was required to complete for this class and my volunteer work have greatly helped me realize what I am passionate about and what I enjoy doing. I also feel that I have grown as a leader in the aspect that I have learned to truly accept people for who they are and to not make any judgments before I interact with a person. It has not been easy to set aside all of my judgments but I have improved. I also feel inspired by the things I have experienced because I realize how much potential I have to influence others around me and help the people who truly need my help.

Overall I am satisfied with my first semester of college and I’m thankful to God for allowing me to meet so many new people and for allowing me to become a strong and confident Latina college student.


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