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November 29, 2012 by jmendez14

It seems like it was just yesterday that we were moving into the dorms and now the semester is coming to an end.  My first semester at Georgia State went better than I could have ever expected. I have gained more independence and new responsibilities. I have learned my method of studying that works for me since the method I used in high school wasn’t as helpful. I have assignments done before due dates which is surprising. I have taken steps to help my procrastination, even though I know it will never completely be eliminated.  I am happy that I survived the semester and I was able to find a medium between school work and fun. Academically I could have done better, but I now know what to expect next semester and apply the things that helped me this semester at the beginning of the next semester.  I have learned that reading should be done ahead of time in order to have a better understanding and to study for tests early in advance which is different from high school because I cannot get good grades by cramming a few minutes before the test.

In the beginning I was a little afraid because I came from a small town and northwest Georgia and moving to the biggest city in the state was intimidating especially since I came here knowing no one. What made the transition easier was the support system of the FLC. In the beginning when we were told that we would become a makeshift family I didn’t really believe it but now that it’s ending I cannot believe how close we have gotten and how we really are a family. This semester would have been as great as it was without the people from FLC 20. It is definitely bittersweet ending our class together but excited about next semester. I hope that we all can continue to be as close in the future.


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