The End of a Hard-Working Semester.

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November 28, 2012 by bramirezgalaviz1

At the beginning of the semester, I had a whole different view of what college was going to be like. I had heard a lot of things pertaining to college ahead of time and I soon came to realize that most of them were wrong. Overall, my semester here at Georgia State has been a life changing experience. This semester helped me become more responsible and taught me how to rely more on myself than on others. I learned certain study strategies that helped me learn better. Above all, I made great friends who are there for me though good and bad times. The type of friends who are rare to find and once you find them you cannot let go. Overall, my classes have gone pretty good and my grades are fairly good.

Something that caught me by surprise was that one of my high school friends ended up as my roommate. I feel extremely lucky to have her as my friend and roommate. Another thing that I was not expecting was to have such friendly, understanding, and caring professors. When I entered college, I had a different perception about how professors would be with students. At the beginning, I thought they got mad when students asked questions. Now I realize that they enjoy the interaction of students in class. Many professors are understanding, they take into consideration what we go through as a student. Overall, I feel thankful for the professors that I had this first semester in college. They made me feel welcomed.

I think I have grown as a leader by becoming more open to talk to new people. I enjoy getting to know new people that I will interact with in class and possibly in the community. Also, I learned that whenever I am confused about something, I need to answer my questions by asking others. I learned not to be shy to ask for help and guidance. There are a lot of people around me that are willing to help and guide me through. Leaders get their questions answered. Overall, I feel that I have learned a lot this semester with the help of others. I feel that there are many people that are here to guide me through any doubts I may have. This semester has been a great beginning for the journey that I am going to go through for the next four years.


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