F[LC]all [20]12

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November 28, 2012 by gmayra

Fall 2012 was an amazing experience; I can honestly say I have learned numerous skills, ideas, and concepts. Although my first semester of college was a little ambiguous because of my lack of knowledge, I have gained knowledge that will be beneficial for the next seven semesters.

My first semester in college started off slow, nothing excited me. The idea of having to choose from one of the Latino FLCs, made that much harder for me to be fond of my college entrance. However, through FLC 20 I met great people, who which I plan to continue my friendships. The FLC lead me to learn many leadership skills like: taking the initiative to lead a group, getting to know our professors or higher- level representatives, and helping our community. I am truly relished to have learned so much in so little time. The most exhausting part of it all are these final days of the semester. It is a little overwhelming and surprising in the end because of all the readings and essays and quizzes that are being cramped into the final days of the semester. Other than that I believe I have survived my first college semester. Without the support system the FLC has provided each individual, I would have been completely clueless and speechless because it helped me find my voice in this Latino community. Thank you Liz and Amy and Iris and Juan and Gabby!


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