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November 28, 2012 by jmunoz4

My first semester at GSU went better than I could have ever expected. It exceeded my expectations and my hopes. I am so happy with what I have accomplished thus far and I am very optimistic about my future here. My classes this semester were good. There are a couple that I wish I hadn’t taken but honestly I have made the best of them and I have no regrets. Most of my grades are exactly where I want them to be but there are a couple that I wish could be higher. I want to get all A’s and A+’s so I put a lot of pressure on myself. I am working on making myself understand that it will be okay if I don’t get them but its very difficult to change my mind. Throughout high school, I worked hard to get all A’s so my brain is trained to expect nothing less. Overall though, I am very pleased.

I never expected to make close friends in such a short period of time. Also, I honestly didn’t really get that stressed out this semester which was shocking. I don’t think I had one sleepless night this semester which makes me really happy. Also, my involvement has been more than what I hoped for it to be.

This semester has been very special because of all of you guys. I want to take a moment o thank you all for making this semester as good as it has been. I honestly do believe that if it wasn’t for the people in our FLC, my first semester wouldn’t have been as awesome. I am so happy that I made new friendships and bonds with all of you and I hope they continue throughout our lives. Each and every one of us wants success and I am so honored to be around people you want success in their lives. You have all inspired me in some way or another and have made me a better person.

As a leader, I have grown a lot. I feel more pressure to represent the Latino community and to help someone other than myself. This FLC has strengthened my tools to become a successful leader. It has given me role models to look up to and has inspired me to take charge and impact my community. I feel more confident as a leader and as a follower. One of the best opportunities of leadership growth has been the LLI. I hope I can make an impact in my mentees’ lives. I look forward to taking more leadership positions in the future to represent my Latino community in a positive way.


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