Semester Number 1 at GSU

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November 28, 2012 by bibianamarisa

I feel as though just yesterday I was starting my first week of college here at Georgia State. This semester flew buy and it also surpassed my expectations by a long shot. First of all, college has made me more competent. To my mother’s surprise I’m actually the neatest one between all of my roommates (with the exception of my cleanliness being the hidden pile of clothes in my closet and under my bed). I am much more responsible than I was in high school; I turn mostly everything on time and I actually study for exams instead of cram a few minutes before my exams. I also happen to finish some things earlier than the due date which would be surprising considering my high school years consisted of my doing every project the night before it was due or the morning it was due. I can tell that I have already grown up a lot in college and I hope I can grow even more throughout my years and semesters here.

Another important part of this semester is the fellow members of my FLC. I have grown way closer to everyone than I had expected. Being with everyone is my favorite. They help keep me on track and they make all of my classes more fun. My schedule next year is pretty great because my classes aren’t too early and I don’t have any Friday classes (I have math and “sciences” which is not that great though) , but I am pretty sad that I don’t have any of my FLC friends in my classes. I know that we will all stay in touch with each other though. I am beyond thankful for every single person in my FLC and I cannot wait to spend even more time at Georgia State with everyone.


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