Not A Goodbye…but a See-you-soon!

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November 28, 2012 by eli308

As my first semester in college as a freshman, I have learned from this experience immensely. This semester went well for me in contrast to the picture I had painted in my head of all the horrible and unfair things that some college friends would comment to me about. The grand difference between my experience and my peers; experience is that they did not have the fortune to go to Georgia State as I do. I can truly say that I love this school and the majority of its people, especially the Latino Community. I enjoy the effort that the school’s students in creating an environment which different people can emerge themselves with others from different backgrounds in a friendly environment. I feel a different person because I have become more independent than I was before entering this semester of college.


The first day that I walked into the first building where I was to attend my first class, I did not expect to be as calm as I was. I expected to be scared out of my mind and worry about meeting new people and actually being able to learn the material in more depth. In the beginning, I expected my teachers to be rude and uncooperative with students and show coldness when they were teaching. In the end, I can say that they teachers that I had this semester were there to help and also to answer any questions we may have from the material. They also helped with learning better strategies in how to study and take exams. Something that surprised me was the life at Georgia State. The majority of the staff here is helpful as well as the programs that are offered to help students when they are lost academically or do not know where to go for certain services.


In the end, with the experience that I have received from Georgia Student and also GSU 1010, I have learned more on how to treat others that are different from me and also the people that I have surrounded myself with. I believe this has made me a better leader because I now carry an open mind, which in the future I can use to listen to others and their different ideas that I may not be familiar to.


I can truly say that I will miss this class and the people in it, including our instructors Amy and Liz with our mentors Iris and Juan. I know that this final post is not a goodbye but a see you soon!


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