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November 28, 2012 by emagallanes1

     Wow, I can’t believe that my first semester in college is about to be over. Not only has it hit me that the first semester is coming to an end, but so is my belonging to FLC 20. To be honest, I had no idea what a FLC was when I started my Incept session until my Inceptor explained it to me. Therefore, I had no idea that I would ever even be a part of an FLC until my Incept session. But, I’m glad that the Inceptor brought it up because being part of a FLC has definitely helped me transition into the college life which is by the way very different then what we’re accustomed to seeing on movies or television.

     When the semester first began, I was on top of things and getting all my assignments done before they were due. I was also studying way before the exam dates. I think this was due to the fact that I had left my job for a couple of weeks just because I wasn’t sure how much time during the week I would need for “college stuff”. After three weeks of not working, I decided to go back to working only from Friday through Sunday because I didn’t want it to interfere with college. But, work did interfere with my schoolwork a little. I started to wait until the night before to do assignments, and I found myself studying nights before exams. My professors many times assigned work to be due on Monday, since students would have more times to do it over the weekend. Unfortunately, the weekends are when I had less time to do assignments due to me working.

     Since the finals are approaching, I have gotten back on track as I was when the semester first began. I have already started studying for finals. I would say that I’m pretty satisfied with my grades and all my classes, although they could be better. Overall, I’m ready for next semester even though I won’t be with some of my friends that I’ve had for this semester. Next semester, I hope to work harder and make even better grades in order to keep my HOPE scholarship.

     The thing that has surprised me most about being in college is the great independence and responsibility that students hold. I love it! I have always liked being independent, and having responsibilities so that I can stay on track and not slack off. I would say that those are the leadership skills that I’ve developed the most during this semester.



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