Found My Voice: I Learned to Lead in the Latino Community

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November 28, 2012 by chrystalferreira

It is honestly a scary thought to believe that I’m almost done with my first semester in college; it feels like just yesterday I was a freshman in high school. Overall, I can say it was a good semester, but of course there were several bumps in the road. Academically, I know I could have done way better; at first, I wasn’t ready for the reading, the essay, and the time I was going to be spending actually doing work. At the beginning of the semester I was still suffering from the very deadly disease of Senioritis and still used to sleeping until noon and doing whatever I wanted. I’ve expressed this before, teachers in high school always told us that our college professors weren’t going to care about us and everything was going to be extremely strict, but it has been the complete opposite. This semester I was very fortunate to have amazing professors (minus my evil psychology professor) who actually do care and create paths to success for us.

I was completely caught by surprise by how much I missed being at home, I was always THAT teenager who said I was going to be out of my house at eighteen and not miss being under my parents roof. The minute my mom and best friend left me on move in day reality set in, I wasn’t ready to be on my own, I was still a big baby, and I was all talk the whole time. Another thing that I wasn’t expecting was how hard it would be for me to balance schoolwork on my own (without my mom constantly being there to tell me to do my work). I had to quickly grow up and honestly that something I wasn’t ready for.

Now, as a leader I have learned a lot from my peers and mentors. I have bettered my leadership skills from lessons that life has thrown at me; I’ve learned to always stay on my toes and to stay positive no matter the situation. I have really embraced following as well as leading, in a group of twenty-five I know that I cant always be “the leader,” but leadership also entails knowing when to step down. Most importantly I truly believe that I have grown as leader through the teaching and influence of other great leaders around me, it has been more than a blessing to be surrounded by such amazing leaders. I believe I have taken a great step to finding my voice in the Latino community.


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