Oye, Como que es el ultimo blog post! What just happened?! (0__0)

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November 27, 2012 by glgalvan

At Incept, the speakers were so persistent in saying that joining an FLC would help freshmen obtain a higher GPA than those not in an FLC. With that in mind, I met Marco and Jonathan who convinced me to join the Latino Leadership FLC. I managed to meet some pretty awesome people and I feel lucky because of it. So, the social part was good to go, however, my academics were not as promised. As a high school student, I was used to getting good grades and making high B’s or low A’s on exams. Thinking that I was a good student and well enough prepared for the standards of college, I started my first semester at Georgia State University. Slowly but surely, I was down in a rut and realized that college was nowhere near what high school was like. College became my nightmare and it had really begun to hold a knife to my throat. Looking back into the semester, I can admit that I tried different study techniques and, yes I’ll admit, I even tried cramming. Nothing had worked and I was down to my last option, which was quitting. That’s right, I was ready to quit college after mid term exams came back graded. Holding my pathetic excuse of a midterm grade, I sat down, cried a little and gave myself two options. Either I continued the path less traveled and accepted to shake off the first semester, or I quit and started working a 9 to 5 job. I felt that I needed a little more advice. So, I talked to my history professor and he convinced me that his first semester of college wasn’t good either. As you can imagine, I decided on my first option. With that said, I know what consequences await me and I’m ready for them. I just know that I’ll try harder next semester. As a leader, I think that I’ve done well in deciding to continue my education. It makes me feel like I’m doing something right and giving my younger sisters a role model to look up to. So, if wiping away my tears, shaking off awful grades, and deciding to pursue a brighter future in hopes that my little sisters would want to do the same, is not considered leadership. Then, I’ve learned nothing. Nonetheless, I will miss these blog posts simply because I saw them as a way to vent my stress. Farewell FLC peeps and hello Spring Semester 2013.


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