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November 27, 2012 by mramirez2

 I cannot believe that my first semester of college is almost over. In high school, I was ready to leave and enter this phase of my life. I wanted change in everything. I wanted new friends, different classes, new surroundings, and new experiences. I remember the application process like it was just a couple of weeks ago and when my friend told me about Goizueta I immediately looked into it. Before I knew it, I became a finalist and a recipient of a scholarship that led to the beginning of a fantastic journey. In the interview I remember walking out with clammy hands and introducing myself to all the potential Goizuetas with a shaky voice. Now, I approach everyone with confidence, especially those in my FLC. This semester, aside from meeting new amazing people, I learned about myself, my study habits, my discipline, and how to deal with people. I was used to something totally different in high school. I was used to a lifeless routine of waking up every day to walk through the same halls, see the same people, do the same things in all my classes, and do it all over again. Now, as cliché as it sounds, I start an adventure almost every day. My classes never fail to interest me even if I’m dying of sleepiness. My grades came out to be good. I think not perfect, but close enough. I learned how to study better, to study with people, and what makes me learn the most.

The most surprising part of being in college is how fast I grew so close to so many people, leading to a very speedy semester. I wanted new friends, and I got them. My roommates are amazing. We’re so different, and we get along so well. Everyone in my FLC is so amazing in their own way that I couldn’t be more grateful to be a part of such an extraordinary group filled with people with numerous virtues. I am surrounded by people who have goals in life, epic experiences, stories to tell, and potential to tell even more inspiring ones. I love living on campus and using all the resources available. Everything was perfect this semester. No exceptions. Whatever I didn’t like made me learn anyways.

Being in a leadership FLC was definitely the right choice. I feel so motivated, inspired, and driven by all your lessons. I want to lead in my Latino community. I want to make an impact and use whatever is in my reach to help and lead others. I went into this semester naïve and without guidance. I walk out with a hint of knowledge and feeling empowered to continue growing as a leader, and as a person. I am grateful for this whole life changing experience. If this is the beginning, I feel ready to partake in the best investment and experience of my life for the next four + years.


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