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November 26, 2012 by natha17

Its over and it has been a great pleasure to have had the opportunity to be a part of this FLC. Honestly looking back and remembering the very first days of registration, incept and the retreat it all seemed so confusing, terrifying, and simply scary!!! college life where independence kicks in and responsibility levels go up! I didn’t truly know what to expect, but what I did know was that no matter what I would surround myself by driven, passionate, and smart people to help me make the journey worthwhile and entertaining (: this is exactly what this FLC allowed me to do. I have met so many different people all with many personal goals but at the same time with the same burning passion of bringing about equality and an end to discrimination not only in our own community but outside of it as well. being set up with the opportunities of getting involved and learning more about what GaState campus has to offer has facilitated the journey and made it more enjoyable with wonderful people by my side. I have enjoyed this semester greatly and find myself very content to have met so many smart and driven Latino students that will be the leaders of tomorrow and help realize positive change in our community. I have learned a lot, first to wait my turn to talk, haha, second to lead quietly and in the right times, and third to love all and not discriminate based on appearances or circumstances. I know that in some way or another those three things amongst the many others I learned will contribute to my development as a person and as a leader in the world. I have high hopes in my heart that we will all make it through the rest of our careers and give a positive example to others as we continue to positively impact our community.


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