The Big Three.

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November 26, 2012 by asangiovanni1

Three months ago, I thought I was a strong, well trained, and committed student. Today, I know I am. It is unbelievable how much can happen in a short semester. Before, we were recent high school graduates eager to begin college. Now, experience has helped me realize I am in the real world now.

I am completely independent from my parents, living a ten hour drive from home, working two on campus jobs, and enlisted in the military. When did God decide this was going to happen? After all the heart break, hard work, sleepless nights, laughs, cries, hugs, and handshakes, I have a sense of who I am and who I am yet to become. Friendships have been developed that I know will last until I grow old. College has proven itself to be the best and worst time in my life. Also likes its bittersweet.

Even though I knew trusting everyone is not a good idea, that was reiterated during this semester. Not everyone can be trusted without knowing who they are. Also, there are people who you can trust and who will able to help you advance professionally. Your best judgement is being tested in college. That can determine which way it will go for you; down the right path or the wrong path.

Despite the downfalls, college has been a great experience so far. Making mistakes, meeting new people, exploring different career options are all a part of the growth process. I do not regret any of things that happened this semester. I love being able to say I learned how hard life can be and how strong I am to get through those tough times.

As you all know, Alejandra (Cardenas, although Alanis is my girl!) is my best friend and our little saying this semester is “that’s just how life is, we have to get up and keep moving when life hits us”. Being to endure things with  friend has been the most valuable experience to me this semester; all while still enjoying the small things like dancing until our feet hurt.

We won’t have this class together anymore so I want to say thank you guys for a heck of a first semester of college. This is not farewell but see you later FLC 20! I look forward to keep growing as powerful young men and women and to walk across that stage together in 2016.


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