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November 26, 2012 by itzy18

I have enjoyed this semester very much! I have learned so much in a matter of four months! I can’t believe I survived my first semester of college! Well I know I still have two more weeks but I strongly believe I can make it. If I survived the first two weeks I can manage these two more to come.

    I was always told that college was nothing like high school and oh my goodness were they right! I never thought how organized one had to be in order to become successful in college. If you didn’t know how to spend your time wisely, you can forget about having a good GPA!

    I’m so glad to of had met everyone I have and gone through all the obstacles that college has given me. I met many people that sadly will be leaving in May but I’m glad to of made them a friend. From these students, I have embraced their positive advice and made sure to follow through it.

    I have also learned that your professor is indeed your friend. I would of never thought that professors really did care about you and were there to help you. For example, in psychology, I went to Mrs. Goursaud’s office hours where she more than gladly helped me with the misunderstandings that I had going on. She even let me look over her past tests and review the missed answers!

    Overall, I’ve been exposed to many new opportunities, people, and views that will change my life. I had a sense of what type of a leader I was but not until I came to GSU. Here I learned that I am in a way a natural born leader where I genuinely care about the people surrounding me and I have a way where I can adapt to anyone under any circumstance and understand them. I’ve also figured out the real meaning of success.

    I thought that success was having all A’s. There is way much more to that. Success is making a change wherever you may walk. You see a problem and you set yourself to do it. It doesn’t mean making straight A’s and finishing your test first. It means bettering yourself and the others around you. As you grow, so does everyone around you.


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