Fall 2012

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November 26, 2012 by kguzman707

Looking back on my first semester of college, I can positively say that I have enjoyed college so far. There was this McDonald’s commercial that said something like “Cuando un hijo va a la universidad, todos vamos con el”; that’s kind of how it was with my family because they were just as excited as I was and even relatives in my country were calling to encourage or counsel me. When I started the semester, I was looking forward to this new life in college. Indeed, I was nervous about the academics part. I worried that it would be extremely difficult and the professors would not be willing to help if I got stuck. More than nervousness, however, I was eager and hopeful and, because I am a nerd, I looked forward to learning new things in my classes and taking notes from my first college books and visiting the big library. I’ve also been blessed with having some great teachers. One thing that surprised me was that college is not as hard as some people make it sound. The assignments and readings you have to do for class are straightforward and clear. Sometimes, the readings can be a bit overwhelming but it’s nothing out of this world that you can’t handle if you make good use of time management. Speaking of time management, college has definitely taught me about the importance of it. In high schools, I took the agenda books they gave us for granted. Little did I know that in college it’s a seriously handy tool. Overall, I don’t think my first semester of college has been difficult and I feel like I should’ve taken more challenging courses. If I had gotten AP credit for government, I’d probably have had room for a science course and could’ve been dome with the curriculum requirements this first semester, allowing me to start major courses sooner.

Curiously, something I really wasn’t expecting in the midst of my joy for college was an identity/career crisis…an identity crisis as in “I’ve know what I’ve wanted to do for a career, but now that I’m here faced with so many possibilities, I can’t really decide”. Hopefully with God’s help, I’ll figure it out.

Moreover, I’ve enjoyed getting involved in some activities around campus. Some people you meet can be quite interesting. I am also thankful for knowing such wonderful people in the FLC. I hope we all still communicate with each other by the time we graduate. About leadership, I have learned that there are different parts to it and it comes in various forms. One important thing is that leaders lead by example and that is something I’ve tried to do and definitely will continue to do. I thank God for allowing me to have a great first semester and I continue to look towards the future with great hope and enjoyment 🙂


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