I Have Survived

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November 25, 2012 by shernandez5

It is almost hard to believe that I am so close to being done with my first semester of college. As finals week approaches and I begin to look over all the material we have covered in class, I can’t help but feel old. Old in a sense that I feel like time has gone by so fast I didn’t even feel this semester happen (if that makes any sense). Only a couple of months ago I was facing a big milestone in my life: college. I was nervous, anxious, but most of all eager to embark on this new experience. And now I am preparing to take my first finals in college, it’s crazy how fast this all happened.

Overall, I would say that this semester definitely gave me a good foreshadow of what the rest of my college experience will be like, or at least I hope it will. I didn’t feel it was as stressful as some people told me college would be, maybe because I didn’t let the much heavier work load get to me. Moreover, I felt my transition to college life was a bit smoother thanks to my FLC family and all of the awesome people I have met throughout this semester. As to my classes this semester, I was able to manage them and all of the homework without getting overwhelmed by it all. I initiated this journey very optimistic which is why I think I had such a positive outcome for my first semester in college.

Generally, I think that I wasn’t expecting anything drastic out of college. I knew that it was going to be different than my previous schooling, but in a way I was prepared for this new and challenging period to begin. Of course, there were assignments, e.g. my English Research Paper, that were on another level of difficulty for me, but one way or another I was able to accomplish them successfully. I also think this experience challenged me as an adult. Being in college obviously means a lot more responsibility and freedom. And in my case, commuting to school every day taught me a lot about managing my time and about effectively using the time that I did have on campus. As well as finding new ways to organize myself, my work, and my activities. And most importantly, I have learned new study habits! Studying for exams in college is completely different than studying for tests in high school and thankfully, throughout this semester, I have found ways to effectively study for these exams. Personally, I believe that a leader is as productive with others as he/she is with himself/herself. I feel I have grown because of these changes and challenges that I’ve faced this semester and I hope to continue growing as a person and as a leader. I am now more aware of my responsibilities and have a better grasp on how to manage my time and my freedom as a young adult. So even though this semester is coming to an end, it has taught me a lot as a student and as a person. 


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