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November 14, 2012 by jmunoz4

This past week was a historical moment for America with President Obama’s re-election. I remember watching the election coverage that night on CNN and throughout the night what seemed to be a recurring theme was the impact of the Latino vote in this election. Latinos are the fastest growing minority in the United States. It should come to no surprise that the Latino vote had a lot to do with President Obama’s win. According to an article on Fox News Latino, Latino voter turnout was greater than it has ever been. Furthermore, the Latino vote was key in deciding who won swing states such as Colorado and Florida. According to the Huffington Post, 75% of Latinos voted for President Obama which led to his re-election in an election race that many thought was “too close to call.”

Political candidates need to become aware of the growing number of Latinos who can vote. The Democratic party seems to have more support from Latinos than the Republican party. They need to step their game up because in the future the Latino vote is going to be even more crucial. In this past election, Latinos were concerned with issues of education, the economy, and immigration reform thus candidates need to make more of an effort to speak of these issues in order to attract the Latino vote. President Obama seemed to talk about issues that concerned Latinos more then Governor Romney which produced positive results for him. Also, Romney’s policies to many Latinos seemed anti-Latino and anti-immigrants. For example, he had his policy of “self-deportation” to “get rid of” illegal immigrants and he also was against the DREAM Act that most Latinos support. Thus, Latinos were less attracted to Romney.

What need to be done to appeal more Latino voters is simple: ACTION. Latinos want politicians to take initiative and action in areas that concern them such as education, immigration, and the economy. If policies that benefitted Latinos were implemented, Latino voter turnout would increase. Also, politicians need to address concerns that the Latino voter has because the race between the two parties seem to be closer so they need every vote they can get. They need to realize that in the future the Latino vote will be imperative in order to win the election.

Overall, I am proud that Latino voter turnout was higher this year. It is important for us to vote to have a say in this county’s future. We need to be heard and I think this election proved that Latinos ARE important and that politicians need to understand that. President Obama’s re-election, according to Fox news, can be accredited to a large extent to the Latino vote in his support.


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