The lost majority

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November 14, 2012 by itsalexherrera

Hispanics were projected to be 17.2% of the popular vote by the CIS (Center for Immigration Studies). The Hispanic vote was evidenced as the minority with the most potential. Politicians have acknowledged this and made the effort to ensure that they woo Latinos and acquire their votes. Obama was re-elected and with great help from the Latino community, winning 75% of all Latino votes. There were many reasons for Romney’s largely disappointing Latino campaign. His verbal blunders have cost him the most, with many Hispanics being personally appalled on his disconnectivity with them. Quotes such as “I would have a better shot at winning this if I were Latino” have made Latinos chuckle at his obliviousness while at the same time making up their minds on how understands them the most.

So while Romney failed epically in trying to connect with Latinos and Obama trusting the Latino votes he got 4 years ago the Latinos weren’t positively affected by the campaign much. There are many ways that candidates can get on the good side of Hispanics, but I believe most of these policies would be largely opposed by the American people. For example if a candidate advocated a pathway to citizenship for all illegal immigrants Latinos would undoubtedly support said candidate all the while the majority of Americans would oppose for their own reasons.  One month ago Obama declared that he would not deport any illegals over the age of 16 who are in school; I believe this started a spark in Latino populous. However if his previous term taught us anything it’s that politicians will be politicians

To fully impress Latinos is a tricky technique that hasn’t been completely learned so far. With Latinos growing in numbers every election the importance of wooing is becomes increasingly more imperative to winning. However if no one does learn how to impress us then we will just be a major part of America lost with no real match for us.

Romney’s “Latino” Joke Fail: Another #NoMames Moment


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