Our Vote Matters

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November 14, 2012 by mramos7

This year’s election was a monumental one for the Latino community. This year was one of, if not the biggest Latino voter turnout in US history. 71 percent of the Latino vote went to President Barack Obama. With much help from the Latino vote, President Obama got reelected. If Latinos keep voting at this rate, then it is very probable that the Latino vote will become the deciding factor as to who gets elected in future elections. Majority of Latinos also voted for Elizabeth Warren for Senator of Massachusetts and she also won. According to Avi Green, CO-Director of MassVOTE, the majority of Latinos have been voting for the Democratic Party and he predicts that they will either become dedicated voters for the Democratic Party or they will be “swing voters” meaning their vote could go to either party. I believe that the Latino vote will not be made based on the party, but rather what the party stands for. If either party wants to gain the majority of the Latino votes, they must have policies in their political platforms that appeal to Latinos. For example, of course Latinos are going to vote for the candidate who stands behind Immigration reform. Immigration is the most important issue for Latinos because it hits home. Therefore if a political party stands behind it and plans on making policies to expand or open immigration, then most Latinos will be on their side. Immigration, however, is not the only political issue Latinos care about. We also care about middle/working class’ rights because the majority of Hispanics fall under that category. Other issues such as social security, health insurance, and other benefits to the middle class society will also get the majority of Latinos’ attention and will likely persuade them to vote for the Party that mostly benefits them, which so far has been the Democratic Party.




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