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November 14, 2012 by emagallanes1

On November 6th, 2012, Barack Obama was announced as the winner of the 2012 Presidential Election. What we all thought would be a very close race actually ended up in Obama winning with a lead of 126 electoral votes ahead of Mitt Romney.
As expected, voter turnout was very high. From the wealthy to the poor, the blacks to whites, a lot of people voted in this past election. However, there was a group that reached an all time high of voter turnouts: Latinos. A little over 12 million Latinos voted in this election, making up about 10 percent of the overall United States electorate. Many say that the Latino vote was the most powerful vote in reelecting President Obama for a second term. President Obama received 71 percent of this Latino vote, when Mitt Romney only received 23 percent of the Latino vote. Even though the Latino vote has been trending Democratic, Republicans are now seeking to change their policies in order to win some Latino voters. Critics say that if Republicans do no change their plans, then they could have serious issues with winning future elections.
A large portion of the Latinos that voted in this past election actually did sway the election, since a lot of them live in the swing states and therefore have the power to directly influence the vote. But, if Republicans are trying to win Latino voters, they cannot only focus on these swing states. Rather, they need to focus on the entire Latino population all over the nation. If before this election Republicans thought that they would never need the Latino vote, then they were wrong!  Since the number of Latino voters has been increasing over the past elections, it will be even more difficult for Republicans to win the Latino vote in the future if they don’t make their policies Latino friendly. If both political parties were to have Latino friendly policies, then it would truly be a close race.

Latinos indicated that the most important issues for them are: (1) Economy/ job creation, (2) Immigration reform, (3) Education, and (4) Healthcare. So, if the Democratic party wishes to retain Latino voters, or if the Republican party plans to gain more Latino voters, then they must act on these issues in a way that helps Latinos. We matter more than ever now, and the country knows it!





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