Latinos in 2012

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November 14, 2012 by gmayra

In the 2012 Presidential election, “[t]he sleeping giant [awoke].” According to CNN polls, Latinos helped Barack Obama win significant swing states. In addition the data collected shows that Latino voter made up 10% of the electorate for the first time ever. These remarkable results created a massive influence for both candidates. Polls show the major decrease “the fastest growing minority” had on the Republican candidate Governor Mitt Romney, with only 27% of the Latino vote. The importance is the dramatically lower percentage Romney received might have been the cost of the presidency for him. The data portrays the 44% President Bush received of Latino votes might have played an immense effect on win the election in 2004, which clarifies the important of the Latino voting.

Because Obama received the 71% vote of Latinos, I believe Latinos should be encouraged to continue developing political activity in America. Although Latinos have increased their voting and eligibility by nearly 4.5 million Latino register voters, which are about a 26% increase in the last four years, Latinos should take this as a positive reinforcement to proceed. The results clearly display that we, as Latinos, can make an impact on everything and everyone if we stand up and raise our voices.  This is just another stepping-stone for Latino Americans. Giving Obama the win for the 2012 election is just another one of our many powers; therefore, we should continue to develop as a culture and community.


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