Latinos in 2012 Election

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November 14, 2012 by jmendez14

In this past election Latinos made their biggest political impact. Voting turnout stayed almost the same for demographics except one, Latinos. Latino voters increased, for the first time, to a double digit percentage of the U.S. electorate. The number of registered Latino voters increased by 26% in the last four years to 12.2 million. Latinos are increasing in numbers and in turn are having a bigger impact each election cycle. In the 2012 election President Barack Obama won 71% of the Latino vote compared to Romney who had 27%; a drop from the 31% McCain won and Bush who won 40% in 2004. The GOP is now realizing how much of an impact Latino voters actually do have and are currently changing their stance on immigration reform, a very important to Latinos in the United States.  It now shows that since the Latinos numbers increased, the issues that plague Latinos are now directly being addressed. Both political parties are now currently trying to work on a bi-partisan bill for immigration reform after two years of no progress of immigration reform other than President Obama’s Deferred Action program which came late in his term. Democrats and Republicans are realizing that without support from the Latinos the road to the White House will be difficult and Latino support will continue to be more critical in future elections because the increasing numbers of the Latino population. The Latino population is estimated to be at 132 million by 2050 and therefore the Latino vote is a must to win. Latino voters continue to increase because according to CNN a new potential Latino voter turns 18 every 30 seconds. In order for the Latinos to have a bigger impact now, Latinos must register and actually vote. There 24 million eligible Latino voters but only 14 million registered to actually vote. We, as Latinos, are having a bigger and more critical impact and we must continue vote in order for the Latino voice to be heard.


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