Latinos and our Votes

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November 14, 2012 by mramirez2

 This election was defined in part by the Latino votes. Candidates were widely aware of this which is why both President Obama and Governor Romney used various tactics to gain these votes. Obama won the Latino votes with 71% compared to 27% for Romney according to The record for Latino votes was a result of 73% in favor of Bill Clinton in 1996. It is not surprising, however, that a vast majority of the Latino votes went for Obama as he took initiative to obtain the votes with strategies and proposals like Deferred Action. It is believed that Democrats “care more” about the Latinos while the Republicans “don’t really care”. This perception of both parties makes Latinos lean more towards the Democrats who intend to help the minority more than the Republican Party exposed. The immigration reform’s failure to pass is blamed more on republicans than on President Obama, too.

An approach both candidates took was appearing in Univision, which is the main source of news for a lot of Latinos in the country. In their interviews, both addressed education, foreign issues, the economy, and most importantly, immigration. I believe the education approach and issues such as the Dream Act grabbed many Latinos’ attention and desire to vote. I believe that narrowing down to issues pertinent to Latinos gained a lot of the votes but consistency in proposals rather than just possibilities and variations can gain even more votes. If candidates stick to what they believe is best to ameliorate conditions for Latinos in the country, and if they find ways to incorporate, rather than exclude people due to documentation and culture, I believe more votes will be gathered.

The Latino vote is very important in America as we make up about 16% of the U.S. population and 10% of the electorate, approximately. Keeping our issues in mind and finding ways to promote equality are what gain our votes. We’re not just united when it comes to our families. Latinos are united when it comes to equality, fairness, and the general wellbeing and future of our race. Yes, the economy, wars, jobs, and all these factors are important to us, but we can’t settle for just these policies. We need the opportunity to participate and make part of the nation; and once our issues are addressed, even more of us will be able to participate in something for the general wellbeing of the country. For now, our opportunities are significant in making decisions, which is why Deferred Action and the Dream Act, as well as the immigration reform played key roles in the election.


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