Latino Vote lmpact

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November 14, 2012 by bobdabeaner2012

I’m sure that it was not difficult to see that during this past election that Latinos were a very heavily targeted group of voters. Many news stations over the month kept expressing how important the Latino vote was for maintaining control of the presidential race. In the end Latinos did generate a large impact into the reelection of President Barrack Obama. Romney did of course during the course of this race have to chance to win the Latino vote which he of course manager to blunder every opportunity presented to him on a silver platter into a paparazzi frenzy where he of course was eaten alive. Yet, Governor Romney managed to win a nice portion of the Latino population into voting for him. The best part of all is that it was not just the Hispanic stations on radio or television that were taking notice of he Latino vote, but also very popular stations directed more towards Americans such as CNN or NBC were also taking notice and keeping voters up-to-date on the latest trends and polls of the Latino vote. This election year marked the beginning of what I believe to be the Latino vote importance for future candidates and for the course of this country.


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