Latino vote 2012

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November 14, 2012 by bramirezgalaviz1

The past 2012 elections demonstrated that the Latino vote had a dramatic impact on the political outcome. Politics are getting shaped by the Latino vote. In 2012, Latino voters comprised a 10% of the overall electorate. One of the key elements to President Obama’s re-election was the 75% to 23% margin in favor of President Obama over Mitt Romney. Another outcome from this margin was that it helped keep the Senate dominated by Democrats. The heavy impact of Latino voters was felt not only in traditionally Latino-dominated states, such as Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, New Mexico, Nevada, and Texas, but also in other battleground, swinging states which were composed of smaller Latino populations, such as Massachusetts, North Carolina, Ohio and Virginia. The immigration issue was influential in determining the final results. Out of Latino voters, “53% said that fixing the economy and creating more jobs was the most important issue facing the Latino community that Congress and the President should address; followed by 35% who said the same about immigration reform and the DREAM Act.” In Arizona and North Carolina, immigration was either tied or above the economy. After hearing about President Obama’s deferred action policy, “58% of respondents said that they were “more enthusiastic” about voting for Obama and 6% said that they were “less enthusiastic” about voting for Obama.”  Meanwhile, after hearing about Mitt Romney’s campaign platform of “self-deportation” and learning that he would not revoke deferred action for DREAMers whose applications are approved under Obama but would stop approving new applications once he is elected, “7% of respondents said that they were “more enthusiastic” about Romney and 57% of respondents said that they were “less enthusiastic” about Romney.” This goes to show how the candidates platforms affected the turnout rates of Latino voters in favor of each. Obama was the one that caused the most enthusiastic reaction among the voters. His stand on the deferred action policy caused greater favoritism towards him as opposed to Romney.

Something else that I think could have been done to appeal to Latino voters is more advertising to get the attention of the Latino community. Also, the candidates could have focused more on immigration to appeal to the Latino voters. Specifically, Romney should have appealed greater to the Latino voters on his stand on deferred action. Romney lost many votes as a result to his standing on certain issues, such as on the issue of immigration and the DREAM Act.




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