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November 14, 2012 by asangiovanni1

Only 55% of Hispanic Americans are eligible to vote. 70% of those eligible voters register to vote, and vote consistently. According to the Census Bureau’s most recent Current Population Survey Report, the amount of Latino voters grew from less than 4 million in 1988 to 9.7 voters in 2008. The momentum shown by Latinos in the election determined who won the presidential election. No Republican has ever won the White House without winning the state of Florida. From the looks of it, Florida was going to Romney at the beginnning because the majority of the northern and western counties voted Romney. Why didn’t Romney win Florida then? Because of the significant Latino population! Palm Beach County and Miami Dade are the most populated counties in south Florida when it comes to Latinos. The significance of this is that Barak Obama won a critical state with 29 electoral votes. Ohio was also a big discussion in this election because it’s always known to be a battleground state. Again, when looking at the counties, Ohio almost went to Romney but the counties with the most latinos and liberals tipped the scale.

Hispanics and latinos always contribute to the progressive ideals when it comes to issues of health care, Medicare, medicaid and abortion. The reason why Romney did not win was because his party did not anticipate the immense Latino voter turnout. Many Latinos were also offended by the 47% comment and his policies on immigration. Those comments made some Latinos angry and the impact showed in the polls. Latinos think that their voice doesn’t matter but when all latinos get out to the polls, we swing results significantly.


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