Welcome Back, Barack.

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November 13, 2012 by shernandez5

Our President is back! Barack Obama was re-elected as President of the United States this past Tuesday November 6, 2012. In the 2008 election we saw a great turn out of young voters exercising their right and letting their voices be heard for who they wanted as their new leader. This notion of youth votes significantly benefited Obama in winning the last election. Did anyone notice anything similar occur in this year’s election? I sure did. And I was proud of it.

It has been reported that the Latinos voted 71% democratic in this 2012 election. And according to an article by Cindy Y. Rodriguez for CNN Politics, “not only did it help Obama win in key battleground states, but it also made up 10% of the electorate for the first time ever.” As the number of Latino supporters for Obama rose from 67% in the last election to 71% in this election, the number of supporters for the Republican Party also changed, but in this case it had more of a negative slope. Romney was reported to receive only 27% of Latino votes in this election which is drastically low compared to the Latino support in the past elections. In 2004 George W. Bush was recorded to earn 44% of Latino votes and later John McCain, republican candidate in the 2008 election, was able to earn 31% of Latino support. In an interview with Yadires Nova Salcedo, from CBS Boston’s CENTRO News, Avi Green, co-director of MassVote, predicted that, “if Republicans don’t change their policies, this might result in serious problems for future elections.” Avi later went to say that, “the Latino vote may be completely lost by Republicans like that of other minorities such as African Americans and the Jewish community who now rule mostly democratic.” Could this be? Or will the Latino support turn into a “swing vote” in future elections?

In my opinion, candidates of both parties should do a better job in touching subjects that are important in Latino communities. Yes, it is true that we care a lot about immigration and immigration reforms, but that is not all we are concerned with. We Latinos care about jobs for the middle class, health insurance, social security, and stability within our homes and society.

From the growing statistics we can see that the Latino vote is becoming KEY in the democratic constituency. And as the number of eligible Latino voters has increased by 26% in the last 4 years this number is undoubtedly bound to grow for the next and future elections. Both parties should seriously consider more ways to reaching the Latino community as we do make up, as of now, 16% of the nation’s population.  


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