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November 13, 2012 by kguzman707

   As we all may be aware, President Obama won re-election this past November 6, 2012. A major contributing factor to his success was the Latino vote. The number of Latino voters rose to more than 12 million, says Viviana Hurtado of Fox News Latino. Her article mentions that Latinos were the reason for 15 percent of Obama’s national total support and, amidst the Latino group, approximately 75 percent of Hispanics supported Obama. Also, a truly interesting thing that this article mentions is that “By 2050, the Hispanic population is expected to nearly double, accounting for as much as 29 percent of the total U.S. population. Each month, 50, 000 Latinos turn 18 and are eligible to vote.” The article “Latinos Usher in a New Political Era” from states that Latinos “voted in record numbers and played a historic role in U.S. politics” With the growing Hispanic population, it comes as no surprise that politicians are quite attentive for Latino support. Especially these days when immigration is such a heated topic, many Latinos were alert towards the 2012 elections. However, there is still some work to do with regards to more effectively appealing to Latino voters and one thing is for the candidates to actually keep the promises they make. Political candidates and government would need to implement concrete policies that appeal to Latinos in areas like economic growth, jobs, education, healthcare, and, indubitably, immigration reform. Instead of just talking and talking and promising future policies, political candidates would benefit from establishing detailed, instead of ambiguous policies about immigration in order to appeal to Latino voters. Another aspect that may appeal to and retain more Latino voters is the fulfillment of promises and honesty. If President Obama does something significant with regards to implementing his election promises, then it will be greatly appreciated in the Latino community.  Even though the Latino voter turnout of this year was pretty high, if Latinos had seen more hope and promise in the establishment of the DREAM act, then perhaps there would have been more Latinos at the polls. After all, immigration reform was at the top of the list to Latino registered voters. Hurtado explains the Latino vote situation with a nice analogy: “The seeds of political participation were planted in 2012 but will need to be watered, nurtured, at times weeded for it to take root and flourish, making our great democracy even greater.”


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