Tortillas can be healthy

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November 7, 2012 by asangiovanni1

Did you know Latino children are the number one obese group in the US? Now you do! Using the Family & Society Studies Worldwide database on EBSCO, I found an outstanding number of articles connected to the negative aspect of the Latino population than positive ones.

The most concerning issue in America among children is obesity. And for us, it would be Latino children. The problem is, Latinos love to conserve their culture and traditional foods that include tortillas, rice, and other carbohydrates that could be damaging to the body if not consumed in proportions. When parents are face with obese children and getting them to a healthy state, they are unable to get satisfactory results.

Latino experts Glenn Flores M.D., Julio Maldonado, and Paola Duran set out to investigate parents’ mindset on their obese children and what are the solutions to the growing number of obese children. The findings were that parents are aware, but may not necessarily be approaching the issue in the correct fashion.

Helpful Tips include:

1. Eat healthy as a family: If a child sees they are not the only one eating a specific meal, they will be encouraged to eat just like the rest of the family.

2. Don’t put the child down: Negative comments and connotations could lead to the child eating more or even develop eating disorders. The best route is to encourage them and enforce being healthy in a positive light.

3. Sign them up! Physical activity is critical for a child growing up. It gets them moving, involved, and it doesn’t feel like they are exercising when they are having fun. A more active lifestyle will encourage the child to continue throughout adolescence and adulthood to stay healthy.

4. Tortillas can be healthy! Changing the type of ingredients used in traditional foods will make eating healthy seem familiar to the child. One example could be using whole wheat tortillas instead of white flour. Multi-grain chips dipped in salsa in place of regular chips. Subtle changes will make a difference and ultimately make it an easier transition to healthy eating.




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