Should Amnesty Be Granted?

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November 7, 2012 by jmendez14

Hispanics/Latinos are currently the biggest minority in the United States. They are represented by those who are U.S. citizens and those who have come to the United States illegally. The number of undocumented Latinos has increased and a priority for them is to get Congress to legalize the millions who work hard, pay their taxes and aren’t a national security threat. There are many proposals as to what should be done about immigration reform. Many agree that amnesty should be granted to those who have been upstanding individuals to society and others say that amnesty should not be granted and to crack down on immigration laws.

Marisa DeMeo, a regional counsel for Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund, argues that amnesty should be granted for those who can prove that they have been living and working in the U.S., pay their taxes, and are not a threat to the country. She argues that Latino immigrants have contributed greatly to the American economy. She also mentions that immigrant workers are essential for the U.S. workforce because immigrants perform jobs that American workers do not want. She argues for amnesty because Latino immigrants are just like regular U.S. citizens. Immigrants work; often two to three jobs, raise their children, and go to their church just like any other citizen. They also want to live out the American Dream.

Mark Krikorian, an Executive Director at the Center for Immigration Studies, argues against amnesty for undocumented individuals. He says that the number of illegal immigrants is increasing and a solution needs to be found but says that legalizing immigration isn’t the way to go. He goes against DeMeo’s idea that immigrants aren’t needed in the workforce because instead of helping they are hurting. He believes that reinforcing laws concerning immigration will help lead many undocumented individuals to leave voluntarily. He believes until immigration is controlled then maybe amnesty might be a possibility.




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