SB 1070

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November 7, 2012 by eli308

Currently in Arizona, there is a law that has been causing an enormous battle throughout the entire nation. This law is called Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act, or popularly known as SB 1070. This law grants from local officers to the state police the right to arrest any person that may arouse suspicion if whether or not they are citizens of the United States or not.  This law has been a grand conflict with the nation because several Americans believe that the law leads to race profiling, thus causing anger to citizens, including a Supreme Court Justice who later took the law to the Supreme Court. As a result of this law coming into affect in Arizona, several other states, including Georgia, have produced numerous laws that are similar to the SB 1070. These laws have had a negative impact on the lives on both Hispanic citizens and non-citizens.

 One negative impact that has been a result of the SB 1070 is the racial profiling that has been happening in the past months. Even though the supporters of the law declare that the law does not target a specific race, many victims of the law have reported the opposite. The majority of the people being pulled over by the police are people that have physical features of a Hispanic descendent. They also reported that while in custody, they were mistreated and made out to feel as animals. Another negative result that has been studied carefully is that many women that are abused by their partner or husband remain silent because they fear that if they report the abuse, the police will treat them first as a criminal and then a victim. The law SB 1070 has put fear not into Americans, but into the lives of human beings.

Is it so wrong to want a better life for you an your children? Is it a crime to look the way you do? Is it fair for people to abuse other just because they have “legal status” in this country? Unfortunately, many people by supporting this law have answered yes to all these questions. I can proudly say that I am an actual human being with a heart and do not support this law.


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