do immigrants hurt or help the economy

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November 7, 2012 by mmartinez17

The most beneficial factor of illegal immigrants is that they are cheap labor. This is why our borders are not locked down 100% because companies rely on them. Many immigrants are willing to jobs at lower wages than those born here. They are also willing to do jobs that no one else is willing to do. Some sectors of the economy would struggle if it were not for illegals. Illegal immigrants only make uo about five percent of the workforce, but that number is increasing rapidly. Some politicians aproposing to create orgrams that would allow immigrants to temporarily work in the country as guests. John Gay whos is the co-chairman for the Essential Worker Immigration Coaltion believes that immigrants do not hurt the economy. There are 34 major employers that rely on illegal immigrant labor. The unemployment rate was at an all time low in the 1990s with illegals and legals working in the workforce. He believes that low paid workers help businesses thrive, and that it allowed Americand to be empolyed at higher wages. Immigrants are also consumers so they help boost the national economy as well. Berstein argues that because illegal immigrants are willing to work under poor conditions that the conditions will never improve unless they are gone. Thus bascically stating that if there were no immigrants that conditions would improve, and Americans would have these jobs. He also believes that there is an enormous incalculable cost imposed on communities at large that are acused by immigrants.


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