Should amnesty be granted to Latinos living illegally in the U.S.?

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November 6, 2012 by jmunoz4

The issue of illegal immigration in the United States is a pertinent issue in our society today. More specifically, a debate has surfaced on whether or not amnesty should be granted to Latinos living illegally in the U.S. I decided to research both sides of the debate to further understand this issue. The article titled Latino’s Future on CQ Researcher is where I found my answers.

Marisa DeMeo is a part of the regional counsel for MALDEF (Mexican American Legal Defense & Education Fund). She expressed her agreement with amnesty being given to illegal immigrants in the article. One reason why DeMeo is in favor of amnesty is that many “hard-working, taxpaying” illegal immigrants living in the U.S. want to demonstrate that they are not a threat to the United States’ national security. She goes on to explain that Latino immigrants have contributed billions of dollars to our economy and that young Latino immigrants will become even more essential to the work force. Another reason she is in favor of amnesty is because new immigrants are willing to do the jobs that most U.S. workers don’t want for a small wage. DeMeo goes on to explain that many illegal immigrants have two or three jobs because they now it is necessary in order to provide for their families. DeMeo says, “They are raising their children and going to church in our communities. These individuals are not ‘aliens’ from another planet; they are human beings trying to live out the American dream of a better life for their children.”

On the other hand, Mark Krikorian, an Executive Director for the Center for Immigration Studies, argues against amnesty for illegal immigrants. He says that the problem is difficult to solve but that it needs to be addressed because there are reportedly about 9 million illegal alien in the U.S. and the number is increasing each year. Krikorian argues that legalization will not solve the problem of illegal immigration and that illegal aliens are not essential to the economy and labor force in America. Krikorian goes on to explain that illegal immigrants’ labor is not needed because “mass, unskilled immigration” is actually harming the industries by slowing the increase in productivity. He says that because of the low wage immigrant workers the labor-saving opportunities in agriculture and manufacturing remain unrealized. Furthermore, Krikorian states that the solution to illegal immigration is by enforcing the immigration law, it will send the message that America is “back in business” and this will lead to many illegals to leave voluntarily and prospective illegals abroad to say put.

Whether a person agrees with amnesty for illegal immigrants or not, one thing is certain: illegal immigration is a huge topic in America today. It can not be avoided and something needs to be done in favor of the immigrants.


Masci, D. (2003, October 17). Latinos’ future. CQ Researcher13, 869-892. Retrieved from


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