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November 1, 2012 by mmartinez17

In many ways Fidel Castro is a hero for overthrowing the previous dictator, but at the same time he made some poor choices. At the same time he is just like me, he grew up in poverty but still went to university. He stepped up when no one else would and gathered a group of people that supported his cause. For two years he fought a guerrila style war fare in order to overthrow the current dictator, and finally he had accomplished what he had initailly set out to do. Like may, once in power some take abuse of it; he began excercising his power without second thought and began executing officers who supported the Batista Regime. He simply did what he thought was best for his country. He made Cuba a communist country in response to the actions of the United States. He also made many reforms, and changed the government of Cuba dractically. He has also made huge impacts on the lives of those that live in his country. Many citizens are literate, and offers free medical and education. Cuba has the best health care out of all other latin american countries. He has also wiped out unemployment, and there is no starvation in his country. Although Fidel has done some bad things, he has provided with the best of his ability to promote benefits to his people. In my opinion he is a great man, but due to many american beliefs he is deemed evil. This is simply because of the cold war, and the fact that Russians housed missle in his countries. The U.S is one of those countries that doesn’t want any one to have strong military power, but it is ok for us to have it. It’s a little ridiculous when you think about it because the U’S has no juisdiction over Cuba and other countries, but yet the U.s continues to poke its nose where it doesn’t belong. Also the fact that they are communist for some we all think it is evil because of how the media interprets communism. There are many americans that don’t even understand what communism is, but they are deeply brain washed by the agenda setting of politics and belive what they say they should believe. Fidel is a great man and a leader in his country. Although some may focus on the wrongs he has comitted; it is greatly outweighe by the hid good deeds and how helped his people.


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