The Great Cesar Chavez

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October 31, 2012 by eli308

Cesar Chavez has been an inspiration to many people in the United States, and is an example to follow as Marin Luther King Jr. was. I believe that Cesar Chavez’s example and drive is a spark that might have lite up for a majority of Latin Americans, which should be continued. I believe that many people may not believe in his ways of conducting his beliefs, but in this case I can same that the majority of us admire his work and strive to make us want a voice in the dominating country. I believe that Cesar Chavez has left a great impact in our everyday lives. By using non-violence methods to get his point across, he demonstrates that we cannot always be categorized as a violent ethic group. We also know what the word “peace” means, which I believe the majority of Anglo-Saxon people do not know how to actually live in the meaning of that word. The way the Chavez put his life endangered by not eating strongly demonstrates the passion that he had for his cause, and we must take full advantage of his sacrifices in order to be able to continue with what he started. Many people feel as though he was an important aspect of the few rights that we have today, especially for farm workers. Because of his hard work and admiration by other citizens, several people continue to push laws for farmers and other rights for Latin Americans in having the basic laws that every other American citizen has. As a minority group, we should look to further the example and be able to move on to accomplish several of his unfinished ideas in his movement in order to gain more presence in this great nation. We must be heard and have the strength that Cesar Chavez had in order to accomplish our goals.


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