Peaceful Fighting

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October 31, 2012 by bibianamarisa

César Chávez was born on March 31 1927 in Arizona. After the Great Depression, his family moved to California in order to become farmers. Chavez dropped out of school after 8th grade, because he did not want his mother working on the farm. Later on, he decided to join the Navy in order to gain some new skills and learn some new things. Much to his surprise, Mexican-Americans were only allowed two jobs; they could be either a deckhand or a painter. Needless to say, he was only there for two years and did not enjoy his experience in the Navy at all. He came back home and worked as a farmer until 1952. He joined a Latino civil rights group called the Community Service Organization and soon became the national director. After leaving the CSO he founded the National Farm Worker’s Association with Dolores Huerta. He wanted to improve the working conditions of farm workers. Chavez believed in non violent protesting. He lead many boycotts, but the largest farmer’s boycott was the Salad Bowl Strike. Him and Gandhi had many similarities when it came to protesting. Chavez died on April 23rd 1993. Many believe that his death was a result of many hunger strikes.

Cesar Chavez was very successful as a leader and many remember him in a positive light. Three states even have Cesar Chavez day. I believe that violent protests can make people think negatively of the people who are protesting. It is truly a great risk to use violence against others in order to achieve your goal. Sometimes, the goal isn’t even achieved. Cesar Chavez was able to make such a great difference bu convincing Mexican-Americans to vote often and by protesting peacefully. As tempting as violence may be, it should never be the answer. Cesar Chavez is definitely looked at in a posotive light, because of his peaceful nature.


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