Hated by thousands, Loved by millions.

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October 31, 2012 by glgalvan

The big question that I always hear when Pancho Villa is mentioned is, “Was Pancho Villa the villain or the hero during the 2nd Mexican Revolution?” I actually did a research paper on Pancho Villa to try and answer this question for myself.  After the research paper, I had come up with two points of view. First, Pancho Villa is seen as the villain at times because of the Columbus raid in New Mexico.  He killed many innocent civilians during this raid and thus, General “Black Jack” Pershing was out to get him. So, as a villain to the United States, Pancho Villa has a negative light shined on him. Nonetheless, as a hero in Mexico, he was essentially the Mexican Robin Hood. He gathered forces with Francisco Madero in efforts to overthrow the Porfirio Regime. They succeeded in the overthrow but once General Pancho Villa saw that Madero wasn’t keeping his promises, he took matters into his own hands. In a book by John Reed, an American Journalist who spend months with Pancho Villa, he quotes the General who says, “…when the Patria is invaded, we will just have to telephone from the palace at Mexico City, and in half a day all the Mexican people will rise from their fields and factories, fully armed, equipped and organized to defend their children and their homes.” This was Pancho Villa’s plan for the Mexican people, who in turn supported Pancho Villa and his actions. So, for me, Pancho Villa was a hero. He did what he thought was right for the people who needed him the most. 


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