Cuba’s Castro

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October 31, 2012 by gmayra

On August 17, 1926 Angel Castro and Lina Ruz Gonzalez gave birth to Cuba’s current dictator, Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz. Castro was the third of six children and was raised in Birán, Cuba. His father was owner of a wealthy sugar plantation and his mother was the maid to his father’s first wife. Castro grew up a wealthy kid with major benefits. He went to a private school, Jesuit boarding school, and finished going to University of Havana’s law school.

During college, Castro sought social justice. His first attempt occurred in the Dominican Republican, where he attempted to overthrow the dictator Rafael Trujuillo; however, Castro failed. Due to his first fail in the Dominican Republican, Castro turned his attention to Cuba’s government; therefore, he ended joining the Partido Ortodoxo. The party’s goals- like Castro’s- was nationalism, economic independence, and social reforms for Cuba. Again his political ambitions took him a step further, in the late 1940’s Castro pursed his political ambitions as a candidate for the Cuban parliament, where he failed once more. Although Castro failed numerous times, after his fifteenth years sentence, Castro met Ernesto “Che” Guevara and concluded that violent revolution was the only manner to ratify Batista’s government. On January of 1959 Castro’s Guerrilla War was successful and established a new government, where Castro is sworn prime minister a month later.

Although Castro did free Cuba from Batista’s government, he has created Cuba into a communist government, which to American eyes is corrupt. Many Cuban’s can see his dictatorship as rewarding for his diligence in creating his political ideas reality, yet his selfish decisions cause him to been seen in a negative manner. Especially to American’s, his relationship with then Soviet Government is completely unacceptable. His decisions in overthrowing a communist government does not precisely out weigh his decisions in replacing it with one of his own. In conclusion, Fidel Castro was a passionate man in politics and grasped his goal but cannot necessarily create him a respectable leader.


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