Fighting All His Life

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October 30, 2012 by mramos7

Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos was born on September 12, 1891 in Ponce, Puerto Rico. At age 20, Campos attended Harvard University where he later received a law degree. Campos moved to his hometown in Puerto Rico in 1924 where he became heavily involved with the Puerto Rican independence movement. After the Spanish-American war, the United States took control over Puerto Rico. From then on, Campos dedicated his life to fighting for the independence of Puerto Rico. As the Vice President of the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party, Campos spent most of his time trying to raise money from other countries to continue funding the fight for Puerto Rican independence. In 1930 Campos became the President of the Nationalist Party and took a military approach to gaining independence. Five years later, a US police officer killed four members of the party, and the party retaliated by killing the officer, which landed Campos and others in a jail in GA for ten years. After returning to Puerto Rico after jail, Puerto Rican officials created a “Law 53” which prohibited any patriotism in Puerto Rico whatsoever. Campos refused to obey this new law because his heart was for the independence of his country. He was sent to eighty more years in prison for violating Law 53. Pedro Albizu Campos died on April 21, 1965, leaving a great powerful legacy behind. Puerto Rico views Campos in a very positive light because he dedicated his whole life to setting his homeland free. Puerto Rico has shown their admiration to Campos by naming streets and schools after him. I believe that he is honored because even though all odds were against him, he never gave up. Campos made sure every minute of his life, he was fighting for what he believed in, which was independence for Puerto Rico.


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