Si se puede

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October 28, 2012 by asangiovanni1

El senor César Chávez, civil rights activist, an icon in the Latin American community passed away at an early age in 1993. Chávez was an active member in society within the  working environment of Latinos. The motive behind César Chávez’s activism was to fight for the equal rights of Hispanic farm workers. His name is common when the American Labor movement is being discussed as he was an active voice for Latinos. César Chávez is the Hispanic version of Martin Luther King Jr. because of his nonviolent tactics including hunger strikes, marches, and boycotts.

César Chávez is remembered positively within the Latino community because of the dedication he showed towards the community and the movement he created for the United Farm Workers (UFW) organization. After his death, Chavez has been remembered through his work and his famous slogan “Si se puede”. Si se puede meaning: Yes, it can be done or Yes, we can do it. This slogan has become a powerful and well known slogan among the Latino community as a motivator to keep striving, keep moving forward because all is possible.

The most controversial issue during César Chávez’s role withing workers’ rights was opposing knowingly hiring undocumented immigrants to work in factories. Chavez along side Dolores Huerta (one of the Latin women spotlighted in the Latino list), believed that those jobs should be for migrant workers and for those who were already in the United States. Many call this unfair and unjustified because illegal immigrants should be given the chance and given the opportunity to become citizens as they are working in the United States.

César Chávez’s role with immigration and Hispanic workers does present a mixed feeling as this is still a controversial topic today, 50-60 years after his efforts. Some Latino would say he was an icon and did all he could enforce equal rights but others would argue that illegal immigrants should be given the opportunity to work in the USA. The negative may be interpreted and used as final judgement, because that is human nature..


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