Emiliano Zapata Salazar

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October 28, 2012 by rosaf15

In 1910 the Mexican Revolution broke out when many Mexican Revolutionaries teamed up to overthrow the president Porfirio Diaz and to bring an end to the feudal-like system in Mexico. One of these revolutionaries included Emiliano Zapata Salazar.

Zapata was born on August 8, 1879; he was a sharecropper and a horse trainer in Mexico who fought for an agrarian reform. During the revolution, Zapata formed and commanded the revolutionary force “Liberation Army of the South” which used force to take back the land from the wealthy to the poor. Zapata and his followers demanded for “Reforma, Libertad, Ley, y Justicia” and through many campaigns and movements he gained and proved his high level of authority; influencing many Mexicans to fight for his cause (2). However his dream of confiscating the lands under Diaz was never accomplished due to his assassination in 1919.

Although Zapata’s death immediately put an end to his idea of land reform and better treatment of Mexico’s poor farmers, today, many consider Zapata as a martyr after his assassination. Many people even remember as a visionary who fought for the equal treatment for his people.

Because of the commitment to better improve the lives of Mexican farmers, Zapata is remembered in a positive way. His dream for implementing a land reform in Mexico has not come true but many people are still fighting for the sort of land reform Zapata fought for. For example in 1994, a group of armed guerrillas formed the EZLN (Ejercito Zapatista de Liberacion Nacional). The rebels chose the name because even though the revolution was a success, Zapata’s vision has not been fulfilled. This group has picked up the fight where Zapata left it about 75 years ago (2).

Since people are still trying to fight for the ideal land reform, I believe that Zapata’s fight was not in vain. Zapata tried to help the poor population of Mexico and that’s why many people positively remember his actions.


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