Cesar Chavez

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October 28, 2012 by natha17

Cesar Chavez was born in Arizona and raised by his Mexican parents as a farm worker. Throughout the years Chavez became conscious of the mistreatment and cruelties that immigrant farm workers went through in the states, especially in California. Chavez and his family moved to California because they lost their land during the Great Depression and eventually their home as well. In California they went through many hardships that inspired him to start protests and boycotts against the rights of farmers. This led to the creation of the United Farm Workers (UFW) which benefited not only Mexican Americans but everyone such as Filipino Americans and their rights. During early 1940’s the UFW started protesting against illegal farm workers which created controversy with Chavez identity as the son of immigrant farm workers. Therefore he created the Bracero program which defended illegal immigrants that were exploited as farm workers here in the states. This program was eventually ended by the US government. The reason why I chose to write about Cesar Chavez is because even though he was considered to be controversial by protesting against illegal immigrants and restricting illegal immigration I believe that the reason why he did it was because he was aware of the injustice that these farmers went through by working and getting paid under the table. I believe this because his actions to defend the Mexican American Civil Rights show it more than anything. Chavez also excluded himself from events such as the setting up of a “wet line” along the US and Mexican borders to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the US. Chavez is greatly admired in the hearts of many including President Barack Obama who build a National monument of him in California, an official Holyday also exists on Cesar Chavez’s Birthday.


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