Understanding Is The Key

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October 24, 2012 by adriannstuff

Jay is correct in stating that being a good person isn’t a characteristic but a practice. Too many people consider themselves as good people, yet whenever an opportunity to help someone else arises they immediately shy away from it. Helping others is crucial to being a good leader, and a good person for that matter. Engaging with our own imperfections will ultimately make one a better person and recognizing the imperfections of everyone else without prejudice will ultimately make one a better leader. Once you overcome the prejudice stereotypes that we established as a society, then your possibilities as a leader are endless because you will never have to limit anyone based on a prejudice presumption. Everyone is unique in their own way and have their own personality, not necessarily the one forced on them by society. Stereotypes are just another form of ignorance that our society has yet to overcome. Not every Asian person is a mathematical genius, not ever Indian practices Hinduism, not every Black person listens to rap, not every Irish person is Catholic, not every Arabic person is Muslim, or a terrorist for that matter, and not every Hispanic can dance salsa, I know I sure cannot.  Realizing that stereotypes are fraud can help us as leaders to understand the people around us and to not hold them to certain inconceivable standards based on stereotyped presumptions. Everyone has the potential to be successful, helpful, and intelligent, their race or ethnicity is not a limiting factor. The more open and understand you are as a leader, the more likely that people will support you in your selfless endeavors and unifying causes because understanding is the key to success. Everyone is guilty of prejudice but only the greatest leaders have overcome their prejudices and their own imperfections to achieve success.


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