Race Relations

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October 24, 2012 by itsalexherrera

Jay makes an interesting point about a good or bad no in between thinking we humans have. He says good people are those who interact with their imperfections and try to correct them. One single act of kindness doesn’t make that individual a good person, continuous acts of kindness do. Growing up in Gwinnett I’ve been exposed to all different ethnicities. Some of my best childhood memories involve people not like me. Thanks to this exposure I grew open minded about the people around me, of course there were always stereotypes about each other but we always used them to joke around. One knew that if he made one racial joke he could get 5 similar jokes about his own race in return.   I personally think of myself as a good person, I’m respectful of all races and ethnicities. But there is one group of people I have not interacted with – Native Americans. I feel as though these people are looked over by the majority of Americans. So overlooked in fact that I can’t think of any legitimate stereotype that I’ve ever heard of them. Perhaps, maybe that they all are involved with casinos or that the constantly yell with their hands beating on their mouths. Native Americans from what I’ve seen are very poor and uneducated people. Most live in poverty on reservations located in deserts. If I would meet a Native American I feel that I would have no problem accepting him/her as a friend and colleague. Ever since I was small I found out for myself that there were good and bad people in every race. So in terms of race relations I feel as though I have no imperfections, I will proudly interact with anyone. The way I think about racial relations is this; judgment should only be passed on someone after you get to know them, not before.


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