Our Imperfections

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October 24, 2012 by eli308

I believe that no one else is the best expert on you than yourself. With that being said, I believe that if we highlight our imperfections and mistakes, we can begin to dissect the specific things that may be fixed in order to understand the actions we take and the negative affects that or suppressed on others. We must be our own students in order to learn the mistakes we make and find the different options that can help us understand the correct way to act up different situations. Even if we go through our lives’ attempting to change ourselves, we will never be a perfect person. With this in mind, we must challenge ourselves to be the best people we may be in order to demonstrate to others that improving ourselves is possible and cause a positive chain reaction with others. For us as developing future leaders, we must learn to recognize different personalities and mistakes in order to be able to work through them with others without having a negative affect with the rest of the group. As leaders, we must focus on accepting others and learn how to cope with the different personalities and also know how to combine all of the personalities in order to be able to work together as a group and not as extremely different individuals. By learning our imperfections, we will be able to recognize them in others and know ways to solve the differences without hurting other people feelings.


While I was growing up in Marietta, I was one of the few Hispanics in my entire school. This fact may be startling since today there is a large diversity in Marietta. As I began in kindergarten, I did not feel very different from the other children. As I began the fourth grade, some classmates would begin to call me out because of the lunch food I would bring to school and also the different language in which I spoke to with mi Mama. There was a point where I began to feel embarrassed in speaking Spanish and decided to resort to silence in school. I began to create this idea in my mind making white people out to be racist and hurtful people that only cared about money and each other. With this idea in mind, I would begin to give white people disapproving looks and would call some racist if the asked me if I spoke Spanish. After I moved middle schools, I had a short talk with one of my teachers asking why I would look at her disapprovingly. I told her that since she was white, she was racist like all other white people. She began to talk to me and I soon realized that not everyone in a certain ethnicity thinks the same. I soon learned that it is not fare on my behalf to place strangers in stereotypes just because of the way they look.


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