Imperfections are a part of humans.

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October 24, 2012 by glgalvan

I never really thought about imperfections/ prejudices as a problem. Everyone has his or her imperfections/prejudices. So, I guess you could say I look at these “imperfections” as a basis for a person’s personality. This basis could set forth a very powerful and potential leader who has had the experience to deal with these “imperfections.” For example, growing up, I was taught that I couldn’t date outside my race. The one time I tried breaking that family prejudice, it was a complete backfire. Nonetheless, I took that as an experience rather than making it a bigger problem. The experience I got is that when I’m with my family, I have to expect to hear about the imperfections of other races while also recognizing the imperfections of others in my ethnicity. However, as a leader and taking a standpoint on interracial relationships, I can stand up to my family and say that skin color is just that. That experience with my family taught me that if I really wanted something, I really had to stand up for it. So, this impacted my leadership skills because it made me realize that I had to stand up for what I strongly believed in. Moreover, A group that I have yet to interact with are the Asians. The stereotypes I have with Asians is that they’re all nerdy, comic reading, and straight A students. It’s not that I don’t want to interact with them; it’s just that I don’t see myself being around them. As a leader, I feel like this could affect the way I interact with an audience. For example, if I were to give a speech and not realize that Asians were in the room, they would probably feel left out.


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