Imperfect Leader….

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October 24, 2012 by bramirezgalaviz1

As Jay Smooth said, “The idea that we have to be perfect in order to be good” has been in our society for a long time. I agree with Jay on the concept that this idea is an error in humanity. We as humans tend to make mistakes and learn from them. This is the method that we use to grow and prosper into understanding, open individuals. Mistakes mark us as imperfect, but it is our duty to embrace those mistakes that guide us into becoming human beings that will grow. Also, these mistakes will help us learn to see one another as imperfectly perfect.

Throughout my high school years, I became stereotypical about certain ethnicities. In particular, I came to believe that Asian Americans were conceited individuals. I came to this belief due to the stereotypical gossip that ran throughout the halls. I had never had a close friend or had close contact with an Asian American before. I found it easy to go along with what others said about them. Until my sophomore year came along, I meant a Vietnamese girl that seemed very nice. As the year past, I became close to her and got to know her personally. I discovered her struggles and how she coped with them. I came to even admire her as an individual that knew well how to work her problem out. I realized that we shared many similarities. We helped each other in chemistry class and even talked to one another when we saw each other in the halls. This was the time that I learned that stereotypes are not true. We need to give ourselves the experience to meet other people from all over the world and learn to appreciate one another for who we are, unique people. We may be different, but these differences join us together.

By engaging with my imperfections, I will impact what kind of leader I will be by making me an open ended individual. This will also benefit me by making me more tolerant to differences. In this way, I will learn to not go along with stereotypes, but put an end to them. This will exemplify my leadership in my community.


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