Good Role Model

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October 24, 2012 by itzy18

    Imperfections are seen in everyone! No one can say they are perfect! There is simply no way. I am very well aware of having my imperfections and I know I need to work on them. I also know how everyone takes advantage of how we are so accustomed to stereotyping that it’s a normal thing for us to do.

    I don’t agree with stereotyping but it’s become a custom and it’s sad. I am very well aware of how I used to be scared of homeless people and African Americans. I never thought about them as being bad people because of what people said but because of how I grew up. Having stores, one couldn’t help but notice how African Americans would only come into our store and look around to see if anyone was watching them. I know it’s not right but I grew up thinking that they were all thieves. Then, in my hometown all you ever saw were black homeless people! It only made me believe the worst about them.

    Now that I am older I realize how ignorant I was. No one is perfect nor does everyone receive the same opportunities in this world. I have been grateful enough to understand that world around me and become more open minded. I know for a fact that not every African American is a thieve or might end up homeless. That was just a sign of the ignorance one is grown up with when you don’t have someone there to tell you otherwise. I believe that becoming more open minded and having a good knowledge about the world around you will make you more understanding of others around you. Therefore, making you a much stronger and better leader!



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