Don’t Lead Ignorantly

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October 24, 2012 by mramos7

When I was younger, both my parents belonged to the Catholic church. My father is a strong believer in the Catholic values. My mother, however, was not that devoted to the religion. Years after I was born, my mother decided to convert to Christianity. I later decided that Christianity was more of the religion for me, and I never thought twice about Catholicism. Since I did not associate myself with people of the Catholic religion, I did not know much about them. I stereotyped them as being a certain way because my father was Catholic and I just assumed all other Catholics were like him. Because I was so distant from Catholicism, I was ignorant to their beliefs and practices. I knew the obvious differences between our faiths, like that Catholics pray to the Virgin Mary and other Saints, and Christians do not, but I did not really bother to learn anything further. I stereotyped Catholics as being like the characters from the novelas my mother watches. Because I’m ignorant to the Catholic religion, my ability to be a leader is limited. In order to be a good leader, I must be able to understand, or at least have some knowledge about who I am or could potentially be leading. If I am more open to different faiths, I will be a better leader because I will not stereotype or judge other traditions I am not familiar with. Because I am Christian, I can relate well to others of the Christian faith, but I should also be able to understand people of other faiths as well, like Catholics or Buddhists. By expanding my horizons of other faiths, my leadership skills will grow stronger and I will know how to relate to others better, so I can lead them accordingly. In order to lead others, I must first allow myself to be led.


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