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October 24, 2012 by bobdabeaner2012

I want to start off being completely honest and admitting that although I do not fully understand the questions and topic I’m going to answer with my full ability. About addressing my own personal faults, that is a tough action. No one likes to admit they are wrong o have imperfections even though we all know we have faults and can clearly point out multiple faults and imperfections on hose around us. But once we realize that we aren’t perfect and actual attempt to address those imperfections and try to improve the quality of our overall person will we truly begin to see what each individual is made of. The best reason would be that if one knows each of their hindrances then he or she can overcome obstacles a little easier knowing. For example, if someone is short and attempts to reach an object out of their reach instead of jumping why not accept they are short and grab a tool to attain said object. Not a perfect example or even a serious imperfection but something some people can relate to and a small scale example of what people can overcome when fixing larger imperfections. As a leader this can help enervate a larger impact on your followers because they can see that you have overcome your own faults and can succeed and therefore motivate them to do the same.
A group with which I know little about would probably be Native Americans. Partly because they aren’t accessible in most parts of this country and their population is dwindling. I mostly know of the, through their ancestors and stereotypical portrayal on TV. Such as the casinos, “tree-hugging,” and poor. I would hope to think this isn’t all to these people. This can surely impact my leadership because of he chance I may end up working with one or another group that I know more stereotypes than facts about certain cultures and groups of people. I would hope to not offend anyone and that better understanding of more cultures will improve the quality of leadership I can provide.


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